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Ok so this is something I wrote a longgggggggggg time ago...its kinda… - Upcoming Poets and Writers [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Jun. 3rd, 2004|06:37 pm]
dead poets' society
Ok so this is something I wrote a longgggggggggg time ago...its kinda lame..but its funny. and cute. its about a superhero I made up. I am desperate for critiques, so I can decide to continue you it or not. Be honest. Be brutal. Be Brutally honest!


Once upon a time there was a little boy named Simon. Simon was a good kid, he was polite, and did his chores, and followed the rules. On Simon's tenth birthday he was sitting in his room, thinking about all the birthday fun ahead of him, when a sloth came crashing though the window. Ok so it didnt really crash, cause sloths are so slow, it just kinda...appeared. Simon looked at the sloth, bewildered by its sudden appearance in his room.
"You can talk?!"
"No, now listen!"
The sloth sounded frantic so Simon listened.
"Its your tenth birthday, you are a man now, its time."
"Time for what?"
"You to become a super hero, what else would it be time for?"
Simon looked puzzled.
"You are a special boy, now that youre 10 you have special powers that are needed to fight evil"
Simon looked puzzled.
"Spiderman, Superman, Simonman." the sloth said
"Oh, I get it, im a super hero!!!"
"Wait, who are you?"
"Im your advisor, sammy sloth"
Simon nodded.
"First thing first, you need a costume."
Sammy transported them to the dress shop of his friend Barry Beaver.
"Sammy, so good to see you!" Barry exclaimed.
"Barry, I need a favor, and fast!"
"Anything for you"
"My pal Simon here needs a snazzy super hero costume"
Barry's beaver eyes lit up. Super hero costumes were his specialty. For the next hour Barry measured and fitted Simon for his costume, all the while dancing to the Grease soundtrack. When the end of "Summer Lovin" came on Barry got teary eyed.
"Oh this part gets me every time!"
Barry and Sammy stood back to admire the costume. It was stereotypical super hero. Underwear on the outside of a red leotard and yellow tights. A red cape with a yellow embroided S on it. Red boots completed the outfit.
"Perfect, all we need now is a catchy name" sammy said.
"What are his powers?" asked Barry
"Telling bad guys' moms on them"
"Ohh thats good, how about...hmm"
Simon chimed in.
"How about, TattleBoy?"
The sloth and the beaver pondered.
"Thats just crazy enough to work!" they shouted.
Simon smiled and shared theyre excitement. Sammy and Barry hugged, maybe for a little too long. Simon wondered what this prolonged hug could mean. He shook the thought and looked at his advisor.
"So when do i get to fight crime?' he asked timidly
"In due time" answered Sammy,
"First you have to learn the ways of the Tattler" Barry told him.
Simon was captivated as Sammy and Barry explained to him the fine art of tattling. He had no idea there were so many useful techniques. He absorbed all the information like a sponge, filing it all away in his 10 yr old brain for future reference.
"Now you must be tested" sammy proclaimed.
In a snap TattleBoy was on a playground, confronted with a weak boy who was being hassled by a bigger boy for his lunch money. TattleBoy remembered the first rule of tattling: The Threat.
"Hey you better stop that!" TattleBoy yelled.
"Or what?" the bigger boy countered.
"Or Ill tell, thats what!!!" TattleBoy said.
The boy looked scared for an instant. Then it melted away.
"You wouldnt dare!" he shouted.
"Wouldnt i?" TattleBoy declared.
With that he ran off in a swoop of red cape.
"Mrs.Smith, that boy is stealing from that other boy!!" TattleBoy whined, employing the second rule of tattling: The Tattle Whine.
Mrs. Smith lept into action ending the feud. Suddenly TattleBoy was back in front of Sammy and Barry.
"Excellent work!" they commended him.
TattleBoy beamed.
"I think you are ready to fully accept your responsibilities as TattleBoy" Sammy said.
"Oh thank you thank you!!" TattleBoy said

...Will TattleBoy succeed as a superhero? Or will he fail miserably? Are Sammy and Barry romantically involved? these and more burning questions answered in the next episode of...The Adventures of TattleBoy